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Powerful And Effective!


ad picCan mmj patients medicate with a portable, refillable, vaporizer, such as an electronic cigarette? Yes. Now they can!

This is the original and best!  Strong, powerful, and very effective.

Included in each kit is: 1 battery, 1 cartridge, a charger, and a carrying case for a donation of only $60.
If you are an MMJ patient, this is a must have. This device and liquid may be the future for MMJ patients who want to smoke, but don’t want all the carcinogens and want to be very discreet about it. This is NOT smoke, it is vape. You can carry your electronic Joint and you never have to deal with the hassle of lighting up.  The e-juice is extracted from high quality MMJ and made into a vaporizable liquid.


We will turn your dry meds into this liquid


 If you would like us to turn your dry meds into this liquid, we can do this for you for a 10 dollar donation per cartridge. We supply the cartridge. Each cartridge is equivalent to more than 1/8 ounce of meds. These cartridges are also refillable. You can expect to get approximately 8 to 10 cartridges per oz. of dry meds. These have become very popular and have been going for 40 to 50 dollars or more donations in the dispensaries.  So let’s do some basic math:      8 cartridges per Oz. @ $10. Each =80 cost.  At the dispensary the same amount of cartridges, (8) would cost a donation of $320 to $400.

This is a very strong vapeable liquid THC.



It seems to us that there are a lot of medical marijuana patients out there who would like the benefits of MMJ without having to take a pill or actually breathe smoke into their lungs. The last thing that someone who is enduring chemotherapy would want is to add more carcinogens to their body. They could benefit from the medical use of marijuana, without the smoke. This innovative product will do just that.

It is smokeless and can be used just about anywhere.


You are asking yourself, "but does it really work"? The answer is YES, it does!

You just screw the pre filed cartridge onto the battery and enjoy it.

There are a multitude of different MMJ strains available.

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Kit includes:
1 pre filled mmj cartridges
1 battery
1 USB charger
1 carrying case


ad picThis kit comes complete! sale3

This is more than enough power for even the heaviest of Vapers.

 The switch does not light up on these batteries.  Instead, there is

a ring under the steel band which illuminates when the switch is

activated.  The battery has a Blue LED. Inluded are

1 cartridges filled with high quality liquid THC. This device delivers

a great throat hit and masses of vapour which makes a very satisfying vape.


Prefilled cartridges give approximately 75-100 puffs

All medication is made from high-quality mmj!

This is a legal advertisement for Medicinal Marijuana in compliance with Washington State Law RCW69.51A. Any donations requested are ONLY compensation for time, nutrients, electricity costs and other factors involved in the process of producing and delivering medical grade marijuana and not toward the sale or purchase of the medicine itself.



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